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About Us – ReGenesis


We are creating this platform for art activism in order for industry and individuals who act in sustainable development fields such as social equality and justice, agriculture, or biodiverse species protection to be able to communicate and create synergies in organising global interventions for stronger long-term impact through aggregating international resources.

We believe each country is facing its own issues perhaps with differing priorities from its neighbors or global agendas, and call for leadership by example from respective member countries and states to lend a voice in representing issues on the ground in order to highlight the most important and urgent ones to a global resource network.

We believe that industry and citizens are the ones that can impose a change in lifestyle; consumption habits and whose political vote can lead the way for governments to create necessary change. 

We believe that synergies between people can be an efficient way to create a change. Creating a tool that could be shared by different individuals and organizations for common actions could be of tremendous help in creating positive impact. 

While in the process of choosing our partners, we conduct careful due diligence in selecting people and funds in order to uphold full transparency and freedom of action. We are currently building a core team and establishing a like-minded, like-hearted community of changemakers who will lead at local and international levels, and share their experiences in order to develop solutions and affect positive impact for real, important and urgent societal and planetary needs.

“In order to sustain human existence on Earth, how can Art challenges us to redefine mankind’s perception about nature?

Artistic and Cultural advocacy for social change must be part of the UN targets for sustainable change.”

Michel Platnic

 FOUNDER, ReGenesis

Artist Michel Platnic calls for stakeholders across government, non-governmental, private, public, and nonprofit sectors around the world to act on shared sustainable development goals and to partner – in institutional or individual; professional or private capacities – as a one united world and civil society to co-construct and co-invest in a virtual interactive platform to connect actors with common goals rooted in human and biodiversity rights.

Recognizing the power of art in creating impact among civil society and the potential of artivism (art activism) to influence the political sphere, Michel Platnic raised an important question “In order to sustain human existence on Earth, how can Art challenge us to redefine mankind’s perception about nature? The UN urge people to realize that we only have one earth and that humans and the environment are one and inseparable. Who better than the citizens are able to create a fast change by modifying their consumption habits and influence local politics by voting? Modern cultures have been for long highly influenced by the need for economical growth and competition, it is time to invest in building a society which prioritizes shared success and to live in harmony and peace with the planet. Should investing in Art and Culture related action to create a new cultural realm for social change not be part of the UN targets for sustainable change in tandem with promoting sustainable Finance, Technology and Trade?”

“Over time, with the aim to survive, humans have developed new tools and technologies. These achievements have led mankind to better control their environment. Our ambition and greed has led to overconsumption and the uncontrolled use of our planet’s resources which led to the extinction of enormous numbers of living species,” Platnic added on the fact that we are living in the Holocene or the sixth mass extinction and that most citizens of the planet should take concern and accountability to address the related issues.

The virtual platform will focus on supporting and create synergy for collective concrete actions, main focus will be:

  • Reprogramming the misconception of the duality human/ nature and that nature should serve human needs into partnership/ coexistence between human and all living and nonliving organisms. Replace the hierarchical pyramid model back to a complex biosphere based model;

  • Encouraging actions to create a responsible democracy where citizens take an active part in politics;

  • Educating society through Art with the importance of nature legal and administrative rights for all forms of living creatures and natural resources as a crucial necessity for human existence;

  • Harnessing people, research and technology to preserve ecosystems including biotic and abiotic resources;

  • Advertising open calls to create synergies between different actors;

  • Creating a database of current and past Art actions for sustainable development.

The platform shall also jointly with FutureHere, develop indices to share governments’ and corporations’ spending and contributions to artistic and cultural initiatives and actions for sustainability.

The global climate crisis is a tremendous chance for us to understand more about ourselves in relation to the world and realize that a lot of our priorities today in both private and professional spheres are no longer viable.

Michel Platnic stressed, “It is time for us to take responsibility of our actions. We wish to create a platform where industrials, investors, scientific researchers thinkers and artists will join forces and efforts together in order to create a future where human beings will feel part and live in harmony with their environment while preserving natural resources.”

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