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CreatiVerse and the Future We Want: A Multimedia Art Exhibit-Reception for Climate Action – ReGenesis

CreatiVerse and the Future We Want: A Multimedia Art Exhibit-Reception for Climate Action

Project Info

Project Description

In cooperation with the Science and Technology Sector and Civilizational Dialogue Center of the Islamic World Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization

November 5, 2022 Reception Dialogue, Story Hotel, Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco


Art is a way of dialogue – conveying ideas, bringing people together especially from different types of stakeholders, different generations and different cultures. Art has the power to inspire change, including as means to further the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. With this in mind, and following our successful project at COP-26, ReGenesis Art Hub for Sustainability has teamed up once again with the United Nations Climate Change Conference for COP-27 (7-18 November 2022) to bring together a diverse group of artists, working in a range of disciplines to create a broad view and unique conversation accessible to everyone.

AsiaTV and AfricaTV Studios, under The Regenerative Framework by ReGenesis Art Hub for Sustainability are pleased to call for partners towards a multi-media art exhibit-dialogue for climate action, to be held in the artistic city of Rabat, Morocco. Entitled : “CreatiVerse” the aim of the program, which includes : an exhibition, with a high-level opening dialogue, is to bring together creative industries from around Morocco, Asia and Africa regions, and the rest of the Global South, towards supporting the planetary goals of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. Entries will include both digital multimedia and visual, performing arts, ranging from traditional cultures, to the Metaverse.

A virtual component is co-hosted by its Asia Africa SDG E-Museum where digital entries will be presented on screen, with teleconference of artivists.

Key objectives in line with core competencies:

  • To convene a multi-stakeholder and inter-generational dialogue with the creative industries, and other sectors such as youth, member states, private and civic sectors, through art as a medium of communication
  • To enhance the role art as a vehicle for the Future We All Want and UN Sustainable Development Agenda, especially the next generation, future artists and their new digital and mixed methods
  • To contribute to the educational movement to raise public awareness on the Climate Change crisis, through concrete, visual lifestyle and policy changes for all communities and stakeholders involved
  • To promote the Global South cultures which are predominant in conversations and no dialogues between the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds

Procedure for selection of entries:

  • Upon referral of partners, artistic entries must comply with the following guidelines:
    • Any and all mediums of art from paintings, to photographs, to recorded musical and performing arts, and digital multimedia
    • Digital pieces in high resolution
    • Local pieces transported in good shape to Rabat on-site
    • Regional pieces transported within Morocco, upon the advice of diplomatic and cultural missions
    • Respects cultural heritage and diversity
    • Promotes a specific planetary goal under the UN Sustainable Development Agenda (SDG 6. Water and Sanitation, SDG 7. Clean Energy, SDG 13. Climate Action, SDG 14. Life Below Water, SDG 15. Life Above Land)


Provisional Program

10.00 Cocktail de bienvenue

Video loop : Asia Africa SDG E-Museum and Regenesis Art Hub for Sustainability

11.00 Emcee : Sara El Fillali, AfricaTV

  • ICESCO (Science and Technology Sector and Center for Civilizational Dialogue)
  • Ghali Idrissi, Vice President Ababou Foundation
  • Bening Ahmed, Secretary General, Pan African Youth Union
  • Imad Mellouki, Rotary Club de Rabat Ryad Ennakhil

Emcee : Regine Guevara, AsiaTV

  • Xander Pratt, Guest Artist “New World” Exhibition
  • Nicole Yap, 8sian NFT
  • Chezka Gonzales, Women of Substance NFT

12.00 Cultural Performances / Workshops from Global South

13.00 – 17.00 Open to all exhibit


Featured Artists

  1. Xander Pratt, art director, visual artist, writer, musician (Ghana/ South Africa/ Australia)

In 2020, Xander Pratt was rated by CNN as top 10 most Avant Gardist artist’s in Africa. His works have been an inspiration for many artists worldwide. Today he is based in Morocco, a kingdom that has embraced his talents and nurtured his creativity. In 2022 he held a dual Art Exhibition with Moroccan Olympic Art gold medalist Wafaa Mezouar at Dar Souiri in Essaouira, for the foundation of his Majesty The King of Moroccos senior adviser Andre Azoulay. In 2022 he performed for the African | Union US Congress summit which was attended by presidents and state leaders from all around Africa. The show he presented was entitled “The African Dream” A theatric show, art directed, produced, and performed by Xander Pratt Xander is set to launch a book tour called The Illusion of Time, a personal memoir of feminism and life lessons from around the world.

Climate Action : ‘Our New World’ is An Art Exhibition by Xander Pratt created for the CreatiVerse and the Futures We Want. The artwork will be split into 7 Diptychs, two paintings which form a pair. This symbolizes the importance of duality, understanding that more than one perspective is required to fully understand the whole. The number Seven is symbolic of life, continents, wonders of the world and represents peace and is suggestive of completeness. When combined, the fourteen pieces aim to visually represent not only the impacts of climate change but also the power of Unity when faced with environmental Global challenges. The pieces aim to represent not only the dark, but the beauty and impact of a collective consciousness in the light. The first pair of artworks will be kept by ICESCO in Rabat, Morocco as a phygital (physical and digital) collaboration with Women of Substance, Rotary Club and Art Dialogo, as part of an ongoing conversation on environmental and climate change. Each piece that travels the world will be accompanied by a curated poetry, in support of artivism education.


  1. Sitti Kamariah, visual artist (Malaysia)

Born 1980, Siti Kamariah Ahmad Subki is a Malaysian artist who works in acrylic, oil and watercolor. A short career stint with the United Nations in New York City in 2015, revitalized her art journey with various exposures to contemporary art techniques through attending short courses and regular visits to the museums and art galleries.

Climate Action : Climate Pandemic Painting selected by the Royal Foundation at the Shah Alam Gallery, Malaysia


  1. Youssef Boudlal (Morocco)

Youssef Boudlal, is an award-winning photographer. From Paris fashion week, to Kabul, and Aleppo, he has made a name in both the fashion and socio-political worlds. He bagged the Reuters awardee for Best Photograph in the year 2014, when he was called by Reuters to cover the fled of the Yezidi community in the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Climate action : Studio Tintype from Casablanca


  1. Meskini Driss (Morocco)

Born in 1957, in the city of Ksar El Kbir Morocco. Meskini Driss is a painter with autism that was able to complete a bachelor’s program in the school of visual arts in the State of New York.

Climate action : Painting collection  specialising  in environmentally friendly works of art


  1. Naima Acherkouk (Morocco)

Self-taught artist, Naima Acherkouk was born in Chefchaouen. Alongside her law studies, this brilliant jurist has developed an intuitive method of painting since a very young age. His artistic creation navigates between the representation of existing phenomena, and fictitious or fictional phenomena, dreamed, imagined.


  1. Moroccan Cartoonists Association

The goal of the association is to make known the culture of the cartoon, to fight for the freedom of expression and opinion, and to promote the sharing of experiences between professionals in this field, inside and outside Morocco.

Climate action : 6 frames of climate change in animation 


  1. 8sian NFT, metaverse digital artist (Malaysia/ Philippines)

8SIAN, one of the leading women Web3.0 designers in Southeast Asia, collaborated with Royal Selangor the largest pewter company in the world to launch the 8SIAN JADE LADY, at the Metaverse Fashion Week, on Decentraland.

Climate action: Owners of this phygital will have access to both the physical pewter, and an airdrop collectible on metaverse, where virtual avatars come together to work, shop, play online.


  1. ReGenesis Art Hub for Sustainability

ReGenesis aims to create a culture of regeneration by using art as a medium to inspire solidarity in humanity and to activate collective actions in addressing local issues around sustainable development.

Climate action : ReGenesis, and the UN-backed Race to Zero and Race to Resilience campaigns, co-curated Echoes of the Future, an art exhibition to raise awareness, inspire conversations and activate climate action.


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