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Master Class with UNESCO reps – ReGenesis

Master Class with UNESCO reps

Project Info

Project Description

Master Class with UNESCO reps

Michel Platnic

On sustainable development

Artistic and cultural advocacy for social change must be part of the UN targets for sustainable development. 

On ReGenesis Art Hub for Sustainability

ReGenesis creates synergised artivism for impact on sustainable development. What scientists fail to communicate shall be succeeded by the language of art and artists.

On Artivism

Artivism is about forming new, creative, actionable solutions and strategies in tackling issues. 

On human-nature

Human and nature are interconnected. Legal and administrative rights for all living beings and natural resources is crucial for peace and equilibrium in biodiversity.

On radical realignment

Mental, attitudinal and behavioural shifts are necessary for regenerative sustainability.

Rolf Hoefer

On the frontier of blockchain

Ethereum 2.0 – Shifting from building consensus through proof-of-work to proof-of-stake

TEZOS – Builds consensus through proof-of-stake

On NFT art ownership as a gateway to connect with new communities

Owners of various 1/ 10,000 iterations of an ‘origin’ or control NFT (non-fungible token) art, that for example may be thematically or characteristically ‘sustainable’ or that which addresses climate action, possess that particular NFT artwork as a common thread which weaves them (with owners of the other 9,999 NFTs from the same series) into like-minded communities that may share similar inclinations, missions or goals. These communities may be DAOs.

On DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations)

DAOs bring new people, new interest and new money to sustainable development. These communities hold USD10 Billion in shared accounts. They can help to advance shared goals such as in sustainable development.

On the status quo that blockchain is not sustainable/ energy-efficient

Suggested solution: opt for explicitly carbon-neutral blockchains. New developments to improve sustainability and energy-efficiency of blockchain are in the works.

On NFTs being stolen

Phenomenon may not be possible to eradicate – just like in the traditional art world. However, developments in added security for NFTs are underway.

Sue Vize

In terms of building peace and connections within society, art plays a critical role.

On Creative Cities Network

Creative Cities Network taps on different types of creativity to build social capital. These sociocultural assets include music, cuisine and literature. Creative Cities in Asia and Africa come together and share practices to think about common values and ways to build inclusive societies.

On Art Lab

Art Lab is a new project that prioritizes practice on the ground, bringing people together to build local communities. The pilot will be introduced in Asian cities this year.

On the importance of art education

Art education is about critical thinking, building empathy and values that help create inclusive societies.

Cecile Guidote Alvarez

Art education and the right to culture are fundamental human rights.

On cultural caregiving

Caregiving in the form of sharing art is extended to marginalized communities including prisoners, persons with disabilities, and indigenous peoples. In the context of the pandemic, art and care goes out to medical frontliners who are facing mental health issues. Art is healing; art is therapy. 

On art and architecture

Art and public spaces should encourage empathy, connectedness and intimacy. Art should be present in the streets, in churchyards, under trees, in train stations, at historical sites; transmitted through the heart and the mind.

On the role of artists

Artists should teach, train and empower others to discover the gold mine within themselves – the wealth of every person that helps unleash their creative power.

Hedva Ser

On art camps

Art camp helps build bridges for peace; rebuild cities after tragedies; brings people together, forging a culture of dialogue and respect that is pertinent to living in countries in conflict like Andorra, Beirut, in the UAE and beyond. Art camp facilitates the exchange of the values of peace and intercultural dialogue with international collaborators.

On ‘Tree of Peace’

With its branches and spiritual symbols, it represents intercultural dialogue: global warming, biodiversity and deforestation. It reminds us of the fragility of nature and our duty to preserve the ecosystem.

On ‘Roads to Peace’

76 countries have voted in support of the new art project that focuses on peaceful intercultural coexistence.

Nassim Mohand Amer

On diverse and inclusive programming

Peaceful coexistence, cultural diversity and mental health are important to ICESCO (The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). ICESCO has launched important programmes to cultivate and engage leaders of today and tomorrow through the means of capacity-building, advocacy, knowledge dissemination and championing innovation across education, culture and science.

Nidal Benali

On the power of youth in inspiring and leading change

This occasion highlights the importance of trusting the voice of youth in decision-making processes across governments, industrial sectors and geographies. Youth leaders need to be driven by action – to dare to dream of peace and harmonious coexistence in the world.

Alex Wang 

On business for good

Youth stakeholders and investors in China are increasingly engaged in social businesses that contribute to a circular economy. Carbon-neutral/ net zero efforts are championed through the ‘3ZERO’ project.

Xu Jin

On architecture

In the context of architecture, experts and local communities need to engage in a mutually-respectful dialogue in establishing the middle ground between what a city or village needs versus what its inhabitants want or think they need.

Maiya Suyunchalyeva

On leadership succession planning

A minister of a country in 5 or 10 years could be in this conversation right now. Youth leaders need to be engaged, empowered and equipped with a toolkit for success. 


Rapporteur: FutureHere

Session moderator: Regine Borja Guevara

Roundtable facilitator: Briana Carbajal

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